User Groups - Linux Essentials Challenge cc CyberTalents

To solve this challenge one needs to read through the User and Groups theory to understand the default user and username created when a new OS is downloaded. Also, that username is created within the /home path and that a username is limited to 32 characters so it can be the username can't be the entire ctf@wlem5p6v4dgax3g1mqvr8ddh23okj6zqddqlt639-web-654b7b8dc6-hxdzf since about 64 characters. We have to know the username which is ctf and also to access the username through the /home/username path.

The flag is said to be a secret user -> flag{}. Here we can see the SuperSecretUser13337 automatically that will be what we are looking for so we will place it inside the flag{} and submit the challenge.

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