Mantle: Mass Adoption of Decentralized and Token-Governed Technologies

Mantle: Mass Adoption of Decentralized and Token-Governed Technologies

HD Games in collaboration with HER DAO organized a hackathon on Dora Hacks for this challenge. I have picked to work on the Mantle track and within it, I chose to pick the Best Content category specifically the technical writing part in order to help break down what Mantle Network is, how you can build on Mantle as a developer, Some project building on Mantle and how you can submit your project, also the job board within the Mantle Network the roles you can find, how to join community ecosystem, the open grant and how you can apply among other things. Hope you enjoy the article:

It’s the first modular layer-2 chain on Ethereum. Developers can build on Mantle as: it’s EVM compatible: you can write contracts and deploy on Mantle, Ethereum, or any other chain that is EVM compatible. It also aims on scaling Ethereum. It allows developers to build web3 apps and deploy smart contracts in an efficient and low-fee environment.

Features of Mantle

Mantle has a couple of features and improvements that set it apart from other Layer-2 solutions built on top of Ethereum:

  • Modular Data Availability

It uses an optimistic rollup with an innovative data availability solution which allows it to inherit security from Ethereum and offer cheaper and more accessible data availability. Unlike Ethereum, validator nodes in the Mantle network collect transactions from users and commit to Ethereum in the form of a compressed block which saves the gas fees and increases the total possible throughput for transactions.

  • Multi-Party Computation(MPC)

It uses MPC to minimize the trust risk of L2 execution results by distributing processes and execution among multiple parties without them having to reveal any private data. Specialized nodes contribute to multi-party signatures that improve the correctness of off-chain execution results through the Threshold Signature Scheme(TSS)

  • Decentralized Sequencer

It will progressively decentralize its sequencer to offer secure and trustless block production by rotating around a permissionless sequencer set it will reduce potential single points of failure or censorship on the network.

Building on Mantle Network

  • Mantle has a Mantle Developer Ecosystem which you can join by filling out this form, as a developer you can join the community on Telegram or Discord and also follow MantleDevs on Twitter or the official Mantle Twitter account here. New developers can access resources to get started and project owners who want to build projects on Mantle can get developers who are already familiar with building on Mantle to join their teams.

  • Get Started on the Official Documentation of Mantle Network

  • Access Mantle Network’s open-source projects on GitHub

  • Access Mantle Network Faucets for building and deploying on the testnet

  • Mantle Ringwood is the Mantle Network Explorer

  • Mantle Testnet Bridge: you’ll use Goerli ETH faucets you can either get them on Paradigm or Alchemy

Projects Building on Mantle

Projects building on Mantle are based on different categories from Gaming, DeFi, NFT, Infrastructure, Social, Metaverse, and B2B. Submission of new projects is also open, if you’re currently building on Mantle or considering building on Mantle Network you can submit it here then the data will be uploaded on the Mantle dApp Explorer

Examples of projects included:


  • Roboworld is a free-to-play, reality-verse immersive trading card game. With true ownership.

  • Chesslers is a platform that utilizes a wager protocol and increases the stakes in chess.

  • XBorg is building a gaming credential and application network for players and decentralized gaming societies.

  • The Psyber-X team has built a gaming experience to fundamentally change how games entertain.

  • Angelic is a AAA game that combines turn-based strategy combat with narrative RPG.

  • Space Falcon DEX is a Game hub scaling the web3 gaming experience and revolutionizing virtual adventures through DeFi features.

  • Apes Planet is a cross-chain web3 game. Combining a narrative-driven metaverse with a fighting game.

  • Script Network is a layer-1 open-source live TV platform, protocol, and storage network.

  • Pacer is a wellness ecosystem super-app, focused on spreading health and happiness to our users.

  • Fabwelt aims to transform the gaming industry by integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology.

  • Bullieverse is an open metaverse with immersive NFT gaming experiences on Unreal Engine.

  • Age of Zalmoxis, an ancient fantasy MMORPG, merges Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology.

  • Fractal RED is set in an open world filled with monsters, where players take on the role of a Slayer.

  • StarShip develops space- and SciFi-themed gaming on and off the blockchain.

  • XTRA - Gamer Identity Protocol - Visual Identity and Reputation Mapping across web3 games.

  • Outer: Bringing Web2 people to Web3 through fun games.

  • The Lost Donkeys is an NFT & GameFi project where donkeys need to build their lost long home.


  • iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing one-stop Liquidity-as-a-Service (LaaS).

  • Pulsar is a TWAMM implementation that combines AMM, instant swap, and term swap.

  • FusionX creates composable DeFi built to support and nurture the Mantle ecosystem.

  • Bloometa is building the first one-stop shop gaming aggregator for web3. An API enhancing games' marketplaces.

  • Storm Warfare is a decentralized, free-to-play trading card game that introduces the revolutionary Play-and-Earn concept.

  • Good Games Guild is creating the largest virtual world economy by building tools to enhance metaverse gaming.

  • Shadow War is a next-generation hybrid action title. Free to play, built-in Unreal Engine 5.

  • OmniKingdoms is a multi-chain gaming ecosystem that aims to push on-chain game development.


  • Souffl3 is a one-stop marketplace for launching, listing, and trading of NFT assets across chains.

  • is a no-code, on-chain NFT creator platform with upgradeable smart contracts.

  • DOTTED addresses the challenges of web3 adoption by providing a more user-friendly and accessible platform.

  • Solis is a content-driven ecosystem that facilitates direct engagement between creatives and their communities.

  • FANSI is leading the music industry into web3. Our mission is to create a supportive environment for musicians and music lovers.

  • StreamNFT is building a scalability layer for the NFT economy to enable liquidity with their composable protocols (i.e. Rent and loan).

  • UNITBOX is a flexible cross-chain NFT rental protocol based on a revenue-sharing model.

  • Playdex is a social gaming platform with the mission of enabling and empowering the next generation of gamers to play better together and get rewarded for their passion for gaming.


  • Atlas creates a simpler way to explore on-chain data using easy-to-understand glyphs.

  • Mercle is a platform that enables web3 dApps to design and distribute dynamic SBTs.

  • Covalent API brings visibility to billions of web3 data points. Build wallets, NFT galleries, investor tools, and more.

  • HashCase helps brands create, launch and distribute digital collectibles to their non-web3 audience.

  • Banxa is the leading global Web3 on-and-off ramp solution.

  • Themintsuite is designed to bring the benefits of web2 to web3 users, with a focus on enterprise adoption.

  • Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the largest professional traders & exchanges to any smart contract.

  • Router Protocol is a cross-chain solution enabling secure and efficient communication between blockchain networks.

  • Clique builds identity oracles that verify the provenance of off-chain user behavior data.

  • No-code builder of web3 solutions for businesses. Launch a web3 application in 5 minutes without programming.

  • LYNC - Build and launch scalable Web3 game in minutes than months

  • Locastic is an innovative software design and development team with more than a decade of experience in transforming creative web3 ideas into decentralized digital products.

  • Sakaba is the Infrastructure for loyalty and distribution of web3 games.

  • Particle Network - their products include a secure Authentication & Wallet-as-a-Service Middleware powered by Multi-Party Computation.


  • A Super-App. Stashed combines a wallet, trading, marketplaces & web3 app store.

  • Verse is the first social music streaming platform that pays 50/50 on ads to musicians.


  • is MTV for the metaverse- a virtual world for every song to exist in, like a video game music video that users can interact with


  • Y-Dev using its contextualization module trains on all documentation and codebases of Mantle to provide a virtual dev rel, viz MantleGPT.

Mantle is Hiring

  • If you’re a developer, designer, developer relations, marketing specialist, or community manager who is curious about whether exploring the Mantle Network would help land a job or not. Here are some jobs that are posted on Mantle’s careers section and by projects that build within Mantle Network. The roles are most hiring Remotely within Korea, Russia, APAC, EMEA, or AMER. You can look through the listed job openings and apply to them if it fits your current Location.

Mantle Grants Program

The Mantle Grants Program provides milestone-based funding to support initiatives aimed at expanding, securing, and decentralizing the Mantle network. You can apply for the Grants here

In conclusion, the Mantle Network presents an exciting opportunity for developers to build on Ethereum with its innovative layer-2 solution. With its EVM compatibility, modular data availability, multi-party computation, and decentralized sequencer, Mantle offers a promising ecosystem for the development of efficient and low-fee web3 applications. The diverse range of projects already building on Mantle showcases its potential across various sectors, including gaming, DeFi, NFTs, infrastructure, social, and the metaverse. Whether you're a developer looking to contribute to the Mantle ecosystem, an enthusiast exploring new possibilities, or a project owner seeking skilled developers, the Mantle Network offers a vibrant community, resources, and job opportunities. Don't miss out on being part of this exciting journey. Join the Mantle Developer Ecosystem, explore the official documentation, and consider applying for the Mantle Grants Program. Together, let's shape the future of decentralized applications on the Mantle Network.

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