Exploring the Promise and Potential of Ethereum: A Developer's Perspective

In this article I’m giving my answers to a Q/A about Ethereum:

How you came to know about Ethereum

Back in 2018, a friend of mine was checking the localbitcoin.com site and I was just curious at that to learn how other young people were making money while still on campus I couldn’t what the site was all about but went ahead and researched my own. I found out that bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is traded on the site and cryptocurrency is a product of blockchain technology. I couldn’t invest in Bitcoin at that time so I was curious to learn about the technology through Twitter and Youtube.

I found out that an option of being in blockchain technology without investing was being a software developer since blockchain code is open-source and needs people to maintain it. That spiked my interest to learn software development so that I would switch to blockchain development

As a developer, I first learned about Ethereum in 2021, during a Blockchain Development Training for African Developers by Binance. I learned smart contract development on Ethereum Network. Later on, in 2022 I joined web3 to learn Smart Contract Development on Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains

What do you think about Ethereum?

Ethereum is the greatest use-case of blockchain technology. It has enabled developers, core engineers, researchers, and other tech talent to build a network where companies, startups, and developers to build decentralized applications on top of it. Also, other L2 chains have been inspired to build EVM Compatible chains that help reduce gas fees and gotten successful out of it.

Ethereum is the best thing that has happened in the tech ecosystem it has created jobs for both technical and non-technical talent.

I like the amount of research that the Ethereum Ecosystem put in for all its projects and updates. Going through the different Ethereum Improvement Proposals you get to look at the improvements over different versions of different EIPs and current ones.

What you are working on currently

Currently, I work with a Web3 tech startup called UTU Technologies as a Web3 Software Developer with a focus on the front end. We have been working on a browser extension which is a dApp.

What you are proud of (perhaps your community/colleagues/peers have developed/built something very useful)

  • mostly proud of the communities that have been created around learning, women empowerment in the ecosystem, organizing hackathons, or that bring together all acts from developers to markers/community managers e.g Web3Bridge(Alumni of their Web3 Developer Course), SpaceYaTech(I’m part of the Community Leads), Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO(Active Member), Safari DAO(Active Member), HER DAO(Active Member), Web3Ladies((Active Member/Mentor of their Previous Cohort), etc. Such communities have helped international brands in the space to find a way to break into Africa and get to have the entire ecosystem build on it if it’s a network or just get more adoption.

If Ethereum is to be a lasting and relevant technology/network, what do you think your community needs?

  • Most communities might at times be forced to shift from community to community based on the support they get from the active projects in the market. It would be good to have some Ethereum projects that are sustainable to partner with the communities on some initiatives maybe training or a way the community members can contribute to the growth of the project or in the long run the adoption of Ethereum as a whole and products building within Ethereum, most of the communities are willing to have such partnerships.

  • There’s an aspect of tech talent developers and designers who might have gotten a bit confused when the web3 ecosystem changed so it is good to still have Ethereum smart contract and smart contract courses, opportunities shared when they open up so that we don’t have such talent switching to other major paths of their career and leaving blockchain development. This will help with the sustainability of the trained talent.

  • There’s a large number of non-technical talent in the web3 ecosystem, especially the Ethereum network it would be good if there was something that would keep them focused on understanding, supporting, contributing, and promoting the adoption and growth of the Ethereum ecosystem and projects building on it. So if Ethereum lasts forever this talent will still be here and they’ll help more in the onboarding of new people and increasing adoption in the ecosystem as it has been

Thanks for reading through the special Q&A on my thoughts about Ethereum and how I got to know the Ethereum Network.

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