Technical Interview Preparation, Upskilling, and Job Search Platforms & Resources For Tech Talent

Technical Interview Preparation, Upskilling, and Job Search Platforms & Resources For Tech Talent

I recently had a random chat with Ian Njuguna and he ended up sharing some useful links that are helpful during the job search process, upskilling (both for beginners, entry-level, junior, mid-level, and seniors), and interview preparation. I thought I could compile it together and make it easily accessible for people who are in this stage.

  • TechDevGuide- Grow your technical skills with Google for people new to computer science and experienced coders. It has curated materials from sources including those made by Google. The resources can be used to grow technical skills, supplement course work and prepare for interviews.

  • TechInterviewHandBook: It’s free curated interview preparation materials for busy people. It is brought to you by the author of Blind 75. He also has a Frontend Interview Handbook which offers front-end interview preparation materials for busy engineers - Trivias, coding, algorithms, front-end design among more

  • DSA - Programiz: Platform that offers tutorials for learning Data Structures and algorithms.

  • Reviewing companies:

    • TeamBlind: It is a tech career community that has verified employees of the largest tech companies. It is for professional networking and allows anonymous surveys to reveal the frank opinions of employees across industries. Discussions on everyday topics e.g. salaries are also done. Talent is also recruited and jobs are posted within the platforms. You can also check company insights and total compensations.

    • Glassdoor: a free digital platform that gathers information and anonymous reviews from employees or former employees about companies, salaries, and even job openings. Job seekers can apply for new jobs and recruiters can list jobs within the platform.

  • Feedback for resume - CVCompiler: the fastest way to improve your resume as a data science, DevOps, designer, software engineer, product manager, etc. It analyzes tech resumes to create an online revision tool that scans your resume and indicates its weak points in real-time. Improve your resume here by selecting your role to get started among the listed.

  • Questions to ask in interviews: JVNS: Questions I'm asking in Interviews: Julia Evans shares questions he’s asking in interviews for:

    • engineering practices

    • management style

    • quality of life

    • community involvement

    • career development

    • culture

    • financials/business model/growth

    • things to look for in life

    • others

  • Negotiation, and knowing what levels and the compensation range for the levels - Levels.FYI: It started in 2017 as a side project to help people compare career levels across tech companies and is now one of the most popular destinations for tech professionals. Their mission is to help every professional build a better career through the most accurate insights and services. It shares salaries for different tech talent and open roles i.e. software engineers, product managers, product designers, software engineer managers, management consultants, and data scientists among more. It has a tagline “Get Paid, Not Played” and offers services to level up your career e.g. Salary negotiations, resume review, and interview prep.

  • Mock interviews, check:

    • Pramp: It is a free, online peer-to-peer platform for practicing technical interviews run by Exponent. It is a community of software engineers who come together to prepare for their upcoming coding interviews.

    • Interview Recordings: Allows you to watch mock interviews with engineers from Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more. According to them: they’ve hosted over 100K mock interviews and helped 10K engineers get jobs at great companies. All interviews on the platform are shared with permission from both participants, with the intent of helping others learn.

  • Coding practices:

    • LeetCode: It is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews. It has several challenges to practice your data structure and algorithms skills, it has the blind 75 challenge, and for every programming language you can access easy, medium, and hard challenges for different DSA. There are different challenges and competitions within the platform and also has some premium challenges that are more structured.

    • CodeSignal: It allows seamless technical hiring, from screening to interview. It makes the right hires faster, saves engineering time, increases diversity, and rescues risk with their technical interview and assessment. It offers different pricing plans based on your technical recruiting needs. Also offers developers candidate resources to practice their coding and technical skills.

  • Salary negotiation: Candor Salary Negotiation:

    • It offers salary negotiation strategies everyone in tech already knows but you don’t. If you're not plugged into the right social circles, you're locked out of tribal knowledge on tech compensation and it’s a huge disadvantage. Helps you “Earn $50,000+ just by asking the right way”. Learn to speak the language of tech compensation.:

      • Understand tech compensation

      • Figure out your worth

      • Ask the right questions

      • The salary negotiation

    • In case they successfully help in salary negotiation you pay a percentage of the increase in your offer and you owe them nothing if they don't help you improve your offer or if you end up not joining the company. The terms vary based on the seniority of the role, reach out to them via with more details on your situation.

  • Writing a cover letter, resume, etc: Otta Guide for Candidates: It matches you with relevant jobs at the world's most innovative and exciting startups and scaleups. A job search shouldn't be hard. They have made it easy to search, save and apply for the jobs that are just right for you. Search jobs in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Vancouver, and more.

  • Getting into Tech: A guide: It’s a guide written by Emmanuel Awotunde who is a software engineer. It answers the “How do I join tech?” question. Currently offering a guide for Software engineer and Product marketer tracks. In the future, it will be adding more tracks.

  • Triplebyte: Triplebyte is the engineering industry's largest directory of skilled, technically-assessed software engineers. They connect companies with tens of thousands of engineers who are actively seeking or open to learning about new opportunities. Engineers go to them because Triplebyte helps streamline their job search and certify their abilities. Employers go to TripleByte because it makes their sourcing easier and more effective by pre-screening candidates and providing quick ways to connect with talented engineers, including those from underrepresented groups.

  • Circular: Hiring community for technical recruiters and developers. It is designed specifically for in-house recruiters within fast-growing tech companies, it is the go-to recruitment network for finding the talent that trusted peers wish they could hire. Talent sharing platform. It leverages referrals from a network of thousands of companies to connect you with pre-vetted, relevant, and responsive candidates.

  • Workatastartups: Apply to top Y Combinator Startups jobs. It is a YC program to help companies hire, a program that helps companies as they gear up to raise their Series A, and a Growth Program for later-stage companies that are scaling quickly. It helps pair talented programmers with killer Y Combinator companies

  • Hired:

    • It is a Marketplace matching tech talent to teams: It’s a job portal that allows companies and recruiters to employ potential job seekers so job seekers can find a job.

    • It is focusing on in-demand technology roles, they intelligently match outstanding people to full-time and freelance opportunities at the world's most innovative.

    • It is the most efficient way for companies to fill tech and sales roles today.

    • It offers unbiased insights, DEI tools, tech skill assessments, sourcing services, and dedicated Customer Success Managers, Hired works with companies around the world, placing more than 20,000 active and qualified candidates in new roles.

    • It uses better data, curated matches, and ways to reach new markets and talent with higher acceptance rates, employers save an average of 45 sourcing hours per role using Hired’s solutions suite.

    • It is backed by The Adecco Group, Hired is rated by G2 as a leader in Recruiting Automation, Job Search Sites, and Diversity Recruiting

If you are currently in Job Search and Interview Process you can check out my other article on Preparation for Job Applications & Tech Interviews, it offers details on preparing your profiles like Github, Resume, LinkedIn profile, and Portfolio also the different job search platforms and different interview steps and how you can prepare for them.

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