DeepDive into SwitchBoard

DeepDive into SwitchBoard

In this article, I'm going to write about Switchboard as it was part of the SuperTeams's Switchboard Deep Dive challenge that recently ended. This was my first time researching a project building on the Solana blockchain and it was an amazing experience relating to a lot that happens between different blockchains is relatable and interesting to work on.


Switchboard is a decentralized and community-curated on-chain permissionless oracle infrastructure network built on the Solana Blockchain ecosystem with the goal of powering the next generation of decentralized applications on top of Solana.

Switchboard puts the power of publishing data on-chain in the hands of developers. Unlike other common decentralized oracle solutions that mostly deal with off-chain data for price feeds like Chainlink, Switchboard is more focused on general prices, sports results, weather information, social media analytics & followers among others.

Switchboard is enabling high-performance data feeds on Solana to help power the next generation of decentralized applications.

Switchboard has a Sysclock offset oracle which effectively offsets time on-chain to synchronize with real-world time hence giving a solution to clock difference. This enables validators to bump up the cache to cater to increasing unique programs.

Protocols building on Switchboard


  • integrates Switchboard to secure, enhance & stabilize the price accuracy of #C98. Switchboard oracle price feed provides the coin with an oracle solution that supports a reliable calculation of value for their native coin by offering even higher integrity data feeds to users on platforms the native coin is listed, lending & borrowing plus liquidation platforms.
  • it leverages the oracle framework from Switchboard to bring value offerings to users both current and future. It works closely with Switchboard to build a more trusted & scalable ecosystem for the development of the Ethereum blockchain.


LIQ Protocol

  • Switchboard enables high-performance data feeds on Solana to help power the next generation of decentralized applications. Along with Pyth Network, these two will provide a key role in liquidations.



  • collaborates with Switchboard in bringing $KURO-USDC Pricefeeds live on Solana main net.



  • it offers higher integrity data feed to its customers specifically on the Solana core ecosystem projects like Marinade Finance and Parrot Finance. Saber data feeds are live on Switchboard Oracles. Switchboard provides SaberHQ LP token price feeds for any lending protocol looking to easily integrate.
  • Switchboard's goal is to enable censorship-resistant access to all forms of data on-chain whereas Saber's mission is to create the building blocks for mainstream Defi adoption by starting with a low slippage automated market maker(AMM).


Chorus One

  • $stSOL is allowing Solana Defi developers to easily access price feed making integrating $stSOL as collateral and working to diversify the price sources to improve stability.

Tunco Labs

  • a Solana Lottery program that is a composable lottery primitive built with Switchboard's VRF. It allows teams to seamlessly integrate Switchboard's VRF and have true pseudo-randomness on-chain.


It’s a Solana blockchain-based automated market maker.


Jupiter Aggregator/Exchange:

  • in collaboration with Switchboard released the price API allowing anyone to get precise real-time pricing for all SPL(Solana Program Library) tokens based on all available on-chain markets.
  • it aims to make the Price APIs a more transparent pricing index for Defi. It returns actual tradable price across all the DEXs i.e making it an accurate reflection of current on-chain liquidity.
  • the APIs have powerful.
  • Switchboard has integrated Jupiter Exchange's SDK allowing publishers to specify an input and output token and be returned the best price for a given swap on-chain.

Raydium Swap Integration

The lpExchangeRateTask now supports RaydiumProtocol, allowing publishers to specify any Raydium pool and be returned the current swap price on-chain.


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