Cybersecurity Challenges: General Information - Write Up

Acknowledgment: CyberTalents

  1. I am a huge cyber security conference that runs every year in three places: San Francisco, Singapore, and Lately AbuDhabi. Who am I?

  2. I am a cyber security conference that runs in August every year in Las Vegas. I am the largest gathering for Hackers in the whole world. No Credit cards, no online booking, Only Cash allowed. Who am I?

  3. I have founded two of the most famous Cyber Security conferences across the globe in Las Vegas, USA. I am not The Dark Knight. I am The DarK--------?

    • Tangent

    • Jeff Moss alias Dark Tangent is the founder of Black Hat and DEF CON

  4. I am the First Computer Virus ever known. You will find me in your head. My name is ……..?

    • Brain

    • The hint is an 8-letter word and it's found in your head.

    • It was created in 1986 by two Pakistani brothers, Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi. Brain targeted IBM PC DOS computers. Instead of causing damage, it was more of an experimental virus that displayed a message claiming to be a copyright notice for the software. The brain was spread through infected floppy disks. This virus is often considered the first IBM PC-compatible virus.

  5. I am an Organization that releases the Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Application Security. I am ……?

  6. The art of hiding messages or information inside other images/text or data

  7. A group or network of machines that are controlled by an attacker to do a certain task

    • Bot

    • A botnet Attack is a cyberattack orchestrated by a malicious actor who controls a network of compromised computers or devices, known as bots, to carry out various harmful activities. These activities can include:

  8. Linux distribution with a version for web penetration testing and another for attacking smart grids

  9. I am a Linux distribution that has many tricks to do packet and traffic analysis. Who am I?

  10. I will lock your machine screen or files till you pay me. Who am I?

  11. Periodic Conference in many cities hosted by Trend Micro

Going through this challenge was interesting since it inserts basic knowledge about some things/facts/tools related to security across the world. Thank you for reading through, we can connect more on X, and LinkedIn, or can Book a Session with Sharon via Mentorlst.

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